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Viral Dog Story: After returning from groomers a dog turns aggressive, the owner is shocked to see

Viral Dog Story: Dogs are the most lovable pet you can have. They can make you smile, help to remove stress from your life. But at times the most trained dogs can even turn aggressive out for some or the other reason. A alot of incidents in which the dog attacks their owner get viral. Recently we come across a news like this.

Dog turned aggressive

A user shared her experience with her dog turning aggressive after returning from a grooming session. The women was shocked that why her dog Emma turned so aggressive that too after her grooming session. She had no clue what has happened with her dog. But later when she disclosed the reason, people got amazed knowing that. Actually the dog she bring home back was not her got Emma , Emma got exchanged with another similar looking dog . So for about 4 months she was living with another dog. She came to know about the exchange thing when the groomer called her and told her about an owner facing similar problem and has similar dog.

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Lady still in Shock

Now the lady got her dog Emma back home but still worried about the thing happened. Its hard for her to believe this as well as she is worried about this type of mix up things , how can such mistake change the life of dog , routine and family happiness.

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