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Viral Video: Angry Crow Attacks Anyone Who Walks By

Viral Video: Most of us who are Hindi speaking, have probably heard the phrase “jhoot bole kawwa katte,” when translated into English, it means if you lie you’re going to be bitten by a crow.”

A video is going viral of an angry crow, flying around, and swooping down on people’s heads and scaring them. A video is becoming increasingly viral on Instagram, in which a crow is seen attacking people and dodging them, and running away from there.

The video, originally posted by Kalyugka Kabir, was reposted by the meme page Ghantaa and has garnered hundreds of comments, and over 1 lakh likes. 

The video is captioned ‘This crow is on a mission.’ 

In the video, the crow is originally seen sitting comfortably on the terrace of a balcony, but when people are seen walking around, it begins swooping down and attacking men and women. It continuously attacked four or five on the head, which surprised people. A lady is seen sitting down after seeing the angry crow’s attacks.

People found the video hilarious, commenting things like, “ninja crow,” while another person referred to how nonchalant some of the men were despite the crow flying right by their heads, saying, “Why are uncles so chill?😂”

Another user’s comment, when translated to English, means “Is everyone in this complex a liar?”

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