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Viral Video: Inseparable Kitties Can’t Help Bumping into Each Other

Viral Video: Everyone needs a best friend—even cats! An adorable viral video is creating a ruckus on the internet featuring two feline best friends that are simply inseparable. The video, posted by Twitter user @buitengebieden has garnered over five lakh views and thirty-nine thousand likes.

Feline Besties

This immensely viral video shows two cats walking side by side, tails intermingling all the way. Where one goes, the other follows very closely. Despite the fact that cats are usually solitary creatures, preferring to be the only moggy in their mansion, sometimes they can form a special bond with a fellow furry friend. Clearly, it’s possible judging by this video. The cutest part of the video is that since they can’t exactly wrap their arms around each other, it seems like that is what they’re doing with their tails wrapped around each other’s bodies.


Netizens Reactions

People were in awe of the bond between the two kitties. One user said, “When you’re texting your bestie and you each feel you have to be the last text,” referring to the way it seemed the cats were taking turns bumping into one another. 

Another person commented saying apparently one of the cats is blind, if that is true, it is truly a testament to their bong, which makes the video even more heartwarming; it would surely explain the way the kitties keep bumping into each other.

Someone also commented, “Well that wins the Internet for the day, thank you ♡,” mirroring all of our feelings for the adorable video.

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