Indian citizens in UK outperforms British students in education

Alot of Indian diaspora lives in UK. A recent survey has shown that people of Indian origin in the UK have a very good level of education and a high proportion of working professionals among all ethnic groups.

According to the Times of India report, the 2021 census data in the UK has shown that Indian people have more homes in England and Wales.

Higher education of Chinese too

The survey revealed that not only the Chinese community, Indians also have a high education level and a high proportion of professionals. The education level of 56 percent of the Chinese population in the UK is high. 52 percent of Indians have a high level of education. The House Ownership Survey states that 71 per cent of Indian ethnicities own a home, followed by 68 per cent of whites.

The report also noted that there were large inequalities between ethnic groups in education, employment, health and housing in England and Wales. Indian and Chinese ethnic groups together account for 34 per cent of professional occupations, including doctors, teachers and lawyers. After this comes the number of 33 percent white Irish, 30 percent Arab, 20 percent Pakistani, 17 percent Bangladeshi and 19 percent white British.

Business figure is highest in white ethnicity

The census-based report also states that in relation to business figures, business figures among other white ethnicities were the highest at 63 per cent, followed by white British and Irish at 62 per cent, Indians at 61 per cent.

Apart from this, 11 percent of white British people run their own business as compared to 10 percent of Indians. The study also states that women are taking care of the home or family as compared to men. This difference was most pronounced in the Bangladeshi and Pakistani groups.

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