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Israel Palestine Conflict: Thousands Protest in Islamabad Against Israel’s Gaza Bombing, Accuse US of Backing Aggressor

Pakistan criticises the acts of Israel in Gaza and charges US support for them. Thousands turn out in Islamabad for a strong protest.

Israel Palestine Conflict: Thousands of members of Pakistan’s largest religious political party staged a protest against Israel’s bombing of Palestinians in Gaza on Sunday in the country’s capital, Islamabad. They chanted anti-American chants and charged that the US was “backing the aggressor.” First, a march to the US Embassy in the city’s high-security diplomatic zone was announced by the Jamaat-e-Islami party.

Significant Relief Convoy Reaches Gaza

In the largest relief convoy to enter Gaza since the start of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7, almost three dozen vehicles arrived on Sunday. Hezbollah claimed to have used a surface-to-air missile to bring down an Israeli drone on the Lebanese border. This is the first time the group has reported such an incident. The United States encouraged Israel to respect international law in its defensive measures and give priority to protecting civilians amid the increasing number of civilian casualties. President Joe Biden stressed the importance of providing prompt humanitarian relief to the region during a phone conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

More Than 8000 Palestinians Killed Since October 7

According to the Israeli army, it “continued” to increase the scope of its ground operations in the Gaza Strip, attacking over 600 Hamas targets. It claimed that during battles with Israeli forces, “dozens” of Hamas fighters who were holed up inside structures perished. Russian news agencies and social media said that hundreds of individuals poured into the main airport in the Dagestan area of Russia and onto the landing field on Sunday, chanting antisemitic slogans and looking for passengers arriving on a flight from Tel Aviv, Israel. Since October 7, at least 8,005 Palestinians have lost their lives in Israeli assaults in Gaza. Over 1,400 individuals lost their lives in Israel.

Stealthy Nighttime Operations

Due to operations carried out under cover of darkness and a telecommunications blackout imposed on Palestinians, Israel’s self-declared “second stage” three-week battle against Hamas terrorists, supported by Iran, has remained mostly hidden from public view. On Sunday, there was a slight improvement in the phone and internet outages. International appeals for a “humanitarian pause” to allow aid enter the region have gotten stronger as Israel escalates its attacks. Israel and Hamas are purportedly in the midst of continuous negotiations mediated by Qatar, during which the release of hostages is allegedly on the table.

Hamas’ Ceasefire Proposal

An anonymous source briefed on the negotiations said that Hamas is requesting the release of all civilian hostages held by the terrorists in exchange for a five-day ceasefire in Israeli operations to permit the entry of fuel and aid into the beleaguered Gaza Strip. The head prosecutor of the International Criminal Court stated on Sunday that anybody entangled in the current conflict between Israel and Hamas since October 7 ought to receive justice. Karim Khan voiced alarm about the destruction and attacks that had occurred near churches, schools, and hospitals during a press conference at the Egyptian border crossing of Rafah. Khan claimed he was unable to talk to Palestinians within the Gaza Strip. He urged Israel to adhere to international law, but he refrained from charging it with war crimes.

Israel’s Defence Minister Addresses Gaza Hostage Situation

On Sunday, Israel’s Defence Minister Yoav Gallant informed a few of the prisoner families in Gaza that Hamas was engaging in “psychological games” and that the military operation would assist in putting an end to the hostage situation. Ahead of central bank meetings in the US, UK, and Japan, where a policy tightening may occur, worries of a wider conflict sparked by Israel’s incursion into Gaza caused Asian share markets to move in a mixed manner on Monday. Apple, Airbnb, McDonald’s, Moderna, and Eli Lilly & Co. are just a few of the companies reporting this week as the earnings season continues. The S&P 500 has entered correction zone at 4,117 due to the lacklustre results thus far.

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