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Israel Palestine Conflict: US Urges Ceasefire! Israel not Ready to Budge, Faces Criticism Over Gaza Offensive

US Urges Ceasefire Amid Criticism, Unveiling Complexities in the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Amidst the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the United States calls for an end to high-intensity fighting, expressing concern over civilian casualties. The conflict has sparked international outrage, with rare criticism from the U.S., urging Israel to exercise caution in its offensive against Hamas.

International Concerns and Civilian Casualties

The United States, notably President Joe Biden, has voiced concern over the high number of civilian casualties in Gaza. The international community urges Israel to prioritize the protection of civilians as the conflict intensifies. The Health Ministry in the Hamas-controlled territory reports over 18,400 Palestinian casualties, while Israel cites 113 soldiers lost in its ground offensive.

U.S. Calls for Precision and Protection

President Biden and his aide, Jake Sullivan, advocate for a shift in Israel’s strategy, emphasizing the need for more precise battles and the protection of civilians. Sullivan, after detailed conversations with Israeli officials, acknowledges the challenges Israel faces in dealing with a foe entrenched among the civilian population, using them as human shields.

International Response and Criticism

Israel’s actions draw criticism internationally, with the UK announcing travel bans on Israeli settlers responsible for attacks on Palestinians in the West Bank. Foreign Secretary David Cameron urges Israel to take stronger action against settler violence, emphasizing the need for accountability.

Political Figures Express Concern

Jewish Democratic House Representative Steve Cohen likens Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Russian President Vladimir Putin, expressing concern over the extent of the conflict. Cohen emphasizes the importance of limiting the bombing to maintain support from the USA.

Military Operations and Controversial Actions

Israeli military operations face controversy, especially concerning raids and prayers at a mosque in Jenin. The Palestinian government criticizes the operation as a dangerous escalation, while Israel’s army promises discipline for soldiers involved. Britain condemns settler violence, implementing travel bans as a response.

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