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Russia-Ukraine War: India Warns Russia and Ukraine Against Starting a Nuclear Conflict Despite “Dirty Bomb” Threats

Russia-Ukraine War: In a conversation with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu on Wednesday, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh raised worry over the purported threat of the use of “dirty bombs” in the ongoing conflict with Ukraine. On Tuesday, Shoigu expressed his concern over what he called “potential provocations by Kiev involving the use of a dirty bomb.”
Rajnath Singh repeated India’s position on Wednesday, which is that both Russia and Ukraine should embrace diplomacy and communication to end the crisis as soon as possible. He advised Shoigu to avoid nuclear conflict at all costs since it goes against the fundamental principles of mankind.

The Indian Embassy in Ukraine issued a new warning shortly after Shoigu’s remarks on the “provocation by the use of dirty bombs,” urging all Indian people to leave the war-torn nation as soon as possible. The embassy said the Indians should use available ways and contact their officials if they required support, according to its prior advisory.

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About ‘Dirty Bomb’:

A conventional bomb that has been contaminated with radioactive, biological, or chemical substances and released during an explosion is referred to as a dirty bomb.

Earlier on Wednesday, Dmitry Peskov, a spokesperson for the Kremlin, told reporters that Moscow had information about the “existing threat” that Ukraine would use a “dirty bomb” and that Kyiv was “getting ready for such a terrorist act of sabotage.”
“We will keep vehemently advocating our point of view to the international community to encourage them to take proactive measures to prevent such irresponsible behaviour,” he continued.

In September, when Moscow declared it was annexing four regions of Ukraine that its forces only partially controlled, nuclear rhetoric from Moscow started to rise. Mr. Putin forewarned that Russia might defend them with nuclear weapons.

One of such areas is Kherson, which is in southern Ukraine close to the Crimea that Moscow has annexed. Since Kyiv started a counteroffensive at the end of the summer, it has been regaining ground in Kherson.
Recently, authorities supported by Russia pushed citizens to leave because of what they claimed was an impending assault. They vowed to protect Kherson at all costs, claiming to have transformed the city into a “fortress.”

Vladimir Saldo, a regional official recently appointed by Moscow, claimed on Wednesday that at least 70,000 residents have fled their houses in the previous week.

By taking control of the Kherson region, Ukraine would regain crucial access to the Sea of Azov. As a result, Moscow’s land connection to the Crimean Peninsula would be severed.

According to a statement posted on his social media on Wednesday, Mr. Saldo has prohibited admission to the right bank portion of the area for a period of seven days “because to the sensitive situation on the contact line”.

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A wave of international solidarity with Kyiv was sparked by Russia’s drive to annex Ukrainian land, and hundreds of foreigners volunteered to assist in repelling Russian advances.

In a prisoner exchange, Kiev reported on Wednesday that Russia had given 10 Ukrainian servicemen and the body of American citizen Joshua Alan Jones, who died in an encounter with Russian forces in August.

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