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Viral Dog Photo: Dog Searching for Family After Earthquake Moves Internet

Viral dog photo: A photo of a dog looking for his dead family goes viral in the aftermath of the deadly earthquake near the city of Khost in eastern Afghanistan.

The photo depicts a poor dog standing amidst the debris of destroyed houses, looking for his family. It was originally posted by Twitter user Samira SR and has garnered over a thousand likes. 

According to the post, the picture has been captured in Ochki village in Gayan, Paktika. The caption states that every person in the dog’s family passed away. The neighbors reportedly took him back to take care of him but he kept returning to the destroyed house and walls.

Netizens are obviously devastated and the comment section is filled with sympathy for the dog that lost its family. One user commented, “I’m glad the neighbours are looking after him. Thank you for doing so.”

“Hope he finds an owner who loves & cares for him just as the ones before. Disheartened by what happened in Afghanistan. May lord give all strength,” wrote another.

Afghanistan was rocked by its deadliest earthquake in decades on Wednesday when a magnitude 5.9 earthquake struck the country’s east, killing more than 1,000 people and wounding many more, according to a regional official.

The humanitarian disaster comes at a difficult time for the Taliban-ruled country, currently in the throes of hunger and economic crises.

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