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Viral Video: Heartbreaking! Father rescues family to safety but gets shot himself by Hamas terrorists in Israel, Watch

A deeply emotional video has emerged, showing a father's courageous act to rescue his entire family from imminent peril.

Viral Video: Amid an extensive assault by Hamas terrorists on Israel last Saturday, numerous distressing videos showing violence have emerged on social media. Israel has reported approximately 600 casualties in this Hamas terrorist attack, marking it as the deadliest in decades. A video has recently gone viral, showing a father’s courageous act to rescue his entire family. As Hamas terrorists forcibly entered their home, the father unselfishly led his loved ones to safety through a window, ensuring their escape. Tragically, he did not survive this harrowing experience.

Father’s selfless act goes viral

In the video, the father is seen helping each of his family members through a narrow rooftop window as Hamas terrorists draw near. All his family members manage to exit the house safely. But, as he prepares to jump out himself, the video captures a distressing moment where he hesitates at the window, and after a few seconds, his body falls, suggesting he was shot by the terrorists.

The precise location of the video remains unknown at this time. Today, the conflict between Israeli forces and the Palestinian group Hamas has escalated dramatically, leading to numerous casualties on both sides. This sharp increase in violence was triggered by an attack on Israel, prompting Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to issue a warning that they were entering a protracted and demanding war.

Watch the viral video here

In the most lethal escalation of the conflict in decades, Hamas unleashed a massive onslaught of rockets and launched ground, air, and sea offensives. Israel’s military reported more than 600 Israeli casualties and 1,000 injuries. Conversely, Gaza authorities stated that the relentless Israeli airstrikes in the coastal enclave had led to a Palestinian death toll of at least 400, with nearly 1,700 individuals sustaining injuries.

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