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BJP’s Triumph! Worldwide Appreciation For PM Modi After Favourable Assembly Election 2023 Results

Examine the fallout from India's assembly elections and the praise that the BJP received from worldwide media.

Assembly Election 2023

Assembly Election 2023: On Sunday, the results of four of the five states in India’s assembly elections were announced. Following the results on Sunday, there was a stir both domestically and internationally. The international media applauded the BJP and Prime Minister Narendra Modi in particular for these outcomes. A significant blow to the coalition formed for the unity of the opposition, some said these results marked a clear path forward for the BJP in 2024.

BJP’s Strategic Gains in Three Hindi Belt States

The New York Times article claims that the BJP has gained ground on the Lok Sabha by winning three states in the Hindi belt before the elections. The results were described as “another blow amid the deteriorating situation of the main opposition party, the Indian National Congress,” according to other reports. The New York Times quoted political analyst Aarti Jerath as saying that the BJP will benefit greatly from these outcomes in 2024.

Modi’s Strategic Move to Garner Support Unveiled

The Ram temple in Ayodhya is also mentioned in the New York Times report. According to the report, Modi already has a plan to inaugurate a sizable temple in Ayodhya in January in order to garner a lot of support. It is possible that January will mark the official opening of the Uttar Pradesh temple. According to the BBC, Indian Prime Minister Modi’s victory in the Lok Sabha elections was made possible by his victory in the state elections. In northern and central India’s Hindi heartland, the BJP appears to be virtually unbeatable. The results on Sunday are a big plus for PM Modi, who is already planning to run for a record-breaking third term in 2019. The loss of Rajasthan to the Congress is concerning.

State Election Results as a Precursor to Lok Sabha Mood

Al Jazeera wrote, the election results of four states have revealed the mood of the voters ahead of the Lok Sabha elections to be held next year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is eyeing his third consecutive term. Congress had to be satisfied with Telangana only. She could not save her government in Rajasthan. Is the new alliance of 28 opposition parties, called Bharatiya Janata Party, ready to challenge the BJP at the national level?

BJP Gears Up for Lok Sabha Elections After Three State Wins

After winning three significant states, Bloomberg reported that India’s ruling party is prepared to defeat the opposition once more in the Lok Sabha elections. Voters are demonstrating their strong support for Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Telangana provided Congress with the only encouraging news. The most unexpected outcome for the Congress was its crushing defeat in Rajasthan.

PM Modi’s Unfading Popularity Over a Decade

A report by Reuters claims that Modi’s popularity hasn’t diminished in ten years, and polls suggest he might win again the following year. What makes this report unique is that it also addresses the internal strife within the opposition alliance. The three state victories have reportedly given the BJP and the already well-liked Modi impetus to win a third consecutive term.

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