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BTS’ V Releases ‘Layover’ with New Song ‘Slow Dancing;’ Fans Excited l WATCH

BTS member V has made his debut with the album "Layover." This is the artist's first official album, revealing his diverse side. V is BTS's last member to release his album all other members have released their solo album.

BTS V: With “Layover,” BTS member V finally releases his long-awaited album debut. Since his OST for “Our Beloved Summer,” and “Christmas Tree,” the album is his first official musical release.

About BTS V’s New Album & Song

The ‘Slow Dancing’ music video is really relaxing and has a ’70s feel to it, exactly like the song. The song is a very 70s romantic soul-style piece with a laid-back and free-spirited vibe, as previously said. V is seen moving freely to the music, the setting, and the mood, virtually giving himself over to the experience.

Yeontan also makes an appearance in the video. As V is far away in a remote area with a group of friends, he appears to be talking about the possibility of romance and love.

V, also known as Kim Taehyung, expressed his enthusiasm for the album on social media. He has shared information regarding the release and been more active than ever on Instagram. ‘Blue,’ ‘For Us,’ and ‘Slow Dancing Piano ver.’ are the other tracks on the album. The full music video for the song “Blue” is anticipated to be published the following week, however a teaser was already made available.

V, meanwhile, revealed a different, more experienced side of himself on his debut album, “Layover.” For the optimal listening experience, the artist has asked that listeners play the album in the same sequence in which it was published. To promote his record, V has made multiple appearances on South Korean variety shows.

About BTS V

The second-youngest member of BTS is Kim Taehyung. He is also the final BTS member to record solo songs following the group’s announcement of a temporary break from joint activity. The group members, including RM, Suga, Jin, Jimin, V, J-hope, and Jungkook, are presently concentrating on their own projects as they prepare to join in the military one at a time. By 2025, they are all anticipated to get together once more.

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