RM and Jimin are Back! BTS Members’ Mini & Moni Music Coming Soon

RM and Jimin: BTS members always keep their fans, ARMY engaged with a lot of content. They keep of posting and publishing stuff on YouTube, Weverse, Instagram and X. Recently, BTS member RM whose album is set to release on 24th May 2024 at 1 PM KST (9:30 AM IST) teased the fans with a new video content. RM and another BTS member Jimin are soon going to reunite on the screen. Their show, Album Exchange, Mini & Moni Music will be featuring Jimin at RM’s home and the Korean rapper will play his album for him. This program is releasing on a day after the release of his album, 25th May.

Mini & Moni Name

The name Mini & Moni came from the member’s names. Mini is extracted from Jimin’s name and Moni came from RM’s previous stage name Rap Monster. Their fans, ARMYs call them Mini Moni when they are together. The show’s name is creative but not unexpected. The show will premiere on 25th May at 5 PM KST (1:30 PM IST).

Teaser of Mini & Moni Music

The teaser starts with RM being nervous about playing his album as the sound is different from his usual style. On the other hand, Jimin speaks about his admiration for Namjoon’s albums. He says, ‘Namjoon’s album always feel like a diary, you can tell exactly what he was thinking at that time and what he’s feeling now.’ They were vibing hard with in the teaser. RM told in the teaser, that he looked at himself and thought, ‘Why was I tensed for the past ten years?’, ‘I had only two modes, turn on and Turn off’, ‘I Kind of felt bad for Myself.’ The teaser itself exuded a calm vibe and the friendship between RM and Jimin was quite clear.

RM Topping Charts

The Korean Rapper recently has achieved a very significant milestone, he made his solo debut on the UK’s Singles Charts which is a marvelous deal for the singer. The UK Singles Charts is considered equivalent to the US’s Billboard Charts. On 17th May, his pre-release single, ‘Come Back to Me’ debuted at the number 80 on the Official Singles Chart. Fans are overjoyed seeing the immense success of RM.

Tracklist Revealed

RM’s album Right Place Wrong Person is an 11-track album. The title track of the album is ‘LOST!’ The other songs in the album are, Right Place Wrong Person, Nuts, out of love, Domodachi, Groin, Heaven, Around the World in a day, Credit Roll and Come Back to Me. Fans cannot wait to listen to the album and shower love on RM.

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