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Health Tips: Mouni Roy’s Workout And Diet Routine For a Perfect Figure Can Be a Stealer

Mouni Roy's workout plan ranges from Cardio to yoga, while her diet plan is simple and protein rich that helps her achieve a perfect figure

Health Tips

Health Tips: Mouni Roy is one of the most beautiful and fittest actors in the country. With a lot of fan following on Instagram, she frequently poses in beautiful outfits, revealing her perfect silhouette. Therefore many have been wanting to know her secret to achieving a perfect figure. The actress believes in trying to look good but using healthy methods of workout and diet. Moreover, she stays consistent with her diet and workout.

Mouni Roy’s workout plan

She remains strict with herself when it comes to her workout. She enjoys working out for 1 hour every single day. However, she likes to give herself a day off out of the seven days in the week. Moreover, she enjoys a few types of workouts in particular


She enjoys indulging in cardio activities in the gym such as running and cycling. She also enjoys swimming. These activities get her heart pumping and remove excess calories and fats

Strength training

Working on strength helps her not only get stronger but also burns calories. Moreover, it gives the body a toned appearance.


Yoga is one of her favourite workouts that not only keeps her body fit but also her mind healthy. Moreover, she enjoys doing an at-home yoga workout on her mat.


Mouni Roy grew up dancing. As a Kathak dancer, dancing helps her stay not only fit but also feel body-positive.

Mouni Roy’s Diet

Mouni Roy is against the idea of starving oneself. Moreover, her diet mainly consists of protein-rich foods. On top of this, she likes to eat mostly homemade food.


For breakfast, she eats light foods such as poha. With this, she eats sprouts salad and a bowl of fresh fruits.


For lunch, she eats simple homemade Dal Chawal with vegetables.


For snacks, she eats a handful of mixed nuts such as almonds, pistachios and raisins.


She likes to keep her dinner light with a decent serving of Sabzi with roties.

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