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Sadhguru Tips: Incorporate THIS age-old secret in your beauty regime for Glowing and Youthful skin; watch 

Sadhguru Tips: Renowned spiritual leader Sadhguru has introduced an intriguing practice called ‘Thai Mann,’ an amalgamation of elements from nature that holds the potential for both physical and energetic benefits. Rooted in the principle of connecting with the earth, this mixture carries various components, including soil, green gram flour, organic camphor, soapnut powder, and another herb. Sadhguru believes that applying this blend to the body can lead to enhanced well-being and a deeper connection with the environment.

Connecting with Mother Earth

Sadhguru’s ‘Thai Mann’ comprises five distinct components, each contributing to its unique healing properties. Comprising nearly 50 percent soil, along with green gram flour, organic camphor, soapnut powder, and another undisclosed herb, this mixture aims to provide holistic benefits for the skin and beyond.

To effectively use ‘Thai Mann’, it is advised to apply it to the entire body prior to any practice or activity. This blend functions as a gentle and natural cleanser, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals, and leaving a pleasant hint of camphor fragrance. By unclogging the skin’s pores, this technique promotes unhindered respiration and fosters a stronger bond with the environment.

Unlocking Health and Energetic Benefits

Sadhguru suggests that applying ‘Thai Mann’ offers a range of benefits for overall health and well-being. By facilitating the opening of skin pores, this practice allows the body to interact more effectively with the elements around it. Breathing becomes a full-body experience, not limited to the nostrils alone. The mixture serves as a conduit for this interaction, aiding the body’s energetic development.

For those with time constraints, Sadhguru recommends targeting specific areas: the soles of the feet, palms, the region around the navel, the pit of the throat, and the forehead. This focused application still provides a gateway for the body to connect with nature and promote well-being.

By incorporating ‘Thai Mann’ into a regular routine, ideally on two specific days during the lunar cycle (amavasya to purnima and vice versa), individuals can reap remarkable health benefits. Spending a few hours applying this mixture can create a profound impact on both physical and energetic levels.

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