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Sadhguru Tips: Jaggi Vasudev Weighs in on Solar Blast! Here’s How to Harness the Sun’s Flare-Ups

Sadhguru talks about the upcoming solar flare and how to harness the energy of it for our benefit

Sadhguru Tips: There will occur a sun flare in the next 10 to 12 months. This will heat the atmosphere even more. Therefore, the solar blast can be used to our advantage. Sadhguru talks about its potential advantage and how one can harness its energy. Moreover, he talks about how important the sun is for the soil to flourish.

What happens during a solar flare

Just as humans invented solar power to harness the sun’s energy, the solar flare can also be conserved for the better of our spiritual life. In the next 10-12 months, there is likely to occur a sun-flare or solar flare which will change the environment in the coming year. Moreover, Sadhguru says that it will also come with a lot of difficulties, as the flaring of the sun will cause the atmosphere to heat up. Therefore, this will cause the atmosphere to heat up significantly. However, this will result in monsoon clouds shifting from the equator to the north of India. Therefore, Sadhguru jokingly advises people living in big cities to keep a boat with them.

Sadhguru’s Tips

Sadhguru talks about making use of this solar flare to our advantage. One of the tips he has given is to drink a lot of water during the flare. This will protect the body from the ill effects of the heat. However, Sadhguru says that it is a good time for life to take some time out and sit down without giving attention to your thoughts for a while as a form of meditation. Moreover, he asks people to not give their life importance during these few minutes of silence.

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