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ISRO’s Shares Heartwarming Glimpse of Chandrayaan-3 Rover’s Exploration, Watch Video

Explore the Moon's surface with the ISRO Chandrayaan-3 rover as it amusingly travels under the supervision of a watchful "mother" lander. The elegant spin of the rover is visible in the ISRO video, which perfectly captures the spirit of a child having fun in the lunar void.


Chandrayaan-3: The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) published a video showing the rover circling on the Moon’s surface to locate a secure path to continue its explorations. A day after the Chandrayaan-3 Moon mission’s Vikram lander was photographed by the Pragyan rover, a video of the landing craft was made available. The recording was made on August 29.

ISRO’s Imaginative Interpretation of Chandrayaan-3 Rover’s Rotation

When presenting the video, ISRO stated that it appears to be a youngster having fun playing in Chandamama’s yards while the Vikram lander, referred to as the “mother,” keeps an eye on it. It said, “Chandrayaan-3 Mission: The rover was rotated in search of a safe route. The rotation was captured by a Lander Imager Camera. It feels as though a child is playfully frolicking in the yards of Chandamama, while the mother watches affectionately. Isn’t it?”

ISRO’s Ingenious Video Reveals APXS’s Delicate Dance on the Moon

The space agency made a video that showed how the 18 cm tall APXS was rotated by an automated hinge mechanism to position the detector head around five centimetres from the lunar surface. The Alpha Particle X-ray Spectroscope (APXS), according to ISRO, has also found other trace amounts of sulphur and other elements on the Moon.

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