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Home NATION PM Modi’s Banswara Rally Speech Ignites Political Firestorm, Opposition Alleges Divisive Politics

PM Modi’s Banswara Rally Speech Ignites Political Firestorm, Opposition Alleges Divisive Politics

Examine the controversy surrounding Prime Minister Narendra Modi's comments made at a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, on wealth distribution.

PM Modi

PM Modi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi was severely criticized by the Opposition for his accusation that “those who have more children” would receive the nation’s wealth if the Congress were elected to power.

PM Modi’s Remarks at Banswara Rally

Speaking at a rally in Banswara, Rajasthan, on Sunday, Prime Minister Modi attacked the Congress for promising to conduct a wealth redistribution survey and promised to give the nation’s wealth to “those who have more children” and “infiltrators” if elected to power. In retaliation, the Congress charged PM Modi with lying and dividing Muslims and Hindus. The party denied the Prime Minister’s allegations, claiming that they made no such pledge in their manifesto.

Rahul Gandhi’s Response

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi reacted on this and Tweeted, “After the disappointment in the first phase of voting, the level of Narendra Modi’s lies has fallen so much that out of fear, he now wants to divert the attention of the public from the issues.”

“Trends have started coming in regarding the immense support that Congress’s ‘revolutionary manifesto’ is receiving. The country will now vote on its issues, vote for its employment, its family and its future,” he added.

Jairam Ramesh’s Twitter Critique of Modi’s Speech

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh also commented on this. He Tweeted, ” The Prime Minister speaks in poisonous language. He should also answer a simple question -Since 1951, census has been conducted every ten years. This reveals the actual data of Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe population. This should have been done in 2021 but has not been done till date. Why is the Prime Minister silent on this? This is a conspiracy to destroy the Constitution of Babasaheb Ambedkar.”

Asaduddin Owaisi’s Accuses PM of Muslim-Bashing

PM Modi was accused by AIMIM head Asaduddin Owaisi of “abusing” Muslims in order to win votes. He Tweeted, ” Modi today called Muslims infiltrators and people with many children. Since 2002 till this day, the only Modi guarantee has been to abuse Muslims and get votes. If one is talking about the country’s wealth, one should know that under Modi’s rule the first right to India’s wealth has been of his wealthy friends. 1% of Indians own 40% of the country’s wealth. Common Hindus are made to fear Muslims while their wealth is being used to enrich others.”

BJP’s BL Santhosh Defends Modi’s Banswara Speech

However, BJP general secretary (organisation) BL Santhosh claimed that PM Modi’s speech in Banswara had “rattled” the opposition. “With one speech PM @narendramodi has rattled the Opposition. Publishing urban Naxal’s agenda of ‘redistribution of wealth’ has recoiled with double the speed at which it was fired. Go now and explain to voters what @INCIndia and INDIA bloc mean by ‘redistribution of wealth'”, he wrote on X (Formally Twitter).

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