Telecom Shake-Up! Government Orders Closure of 18 Lakh SIM Cards in Anti-Fraud Operation, DoT Commands These Companies

Department of Telecommunication

Department of Telecommunication: The central government is in the action mode. A new plan that the government has prepared calls for the closure of approximately 18 lakh SIM cards and mobile connections. This is the first time that the government has blocked SIM cards and mobile connections in such large quantities.

DoT’s Directive

The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) ordered telecom providers such as Jio, Airtel, and Vi to shut down 28,220 mobile bands on May 9. In addition, directives were issued to re-confirm roughly 20 lakh mobile numbers. A strategy to eradicate online fraud and cybercrime from the nation has been developed by the Modi government at the Center. which identifies online fraudsters and takes action against them with the assistance of public and private organizations.

Verification Process by Telecom Providers

The report states that telecom providers will verify the SIM card and mobile connection before blocking them. Within the next fifteen days, telecom companies are expected to shut down counterfeit SIM cards and mobile phones.

A report from ET claims that cybercrime in the nation involving mobile phones has sharply increased. The National Cybercrime Reporting Portal (NCRP) projects that in 2023, digital financial fraud will cause losses of approximately Rs 10,319 crore. In this case, 694,000 complaints have been made.

Cross-Region SIM Card Misuse

The report claims that SIM cards from one region are used in another. For instance, mobile cyber fraud occurs in Delhi NCR using SIM cards from the Orissa and Assam circles. 37,000 SIM cards linked to cybercrime were shut down last year. Approximately 17 million mobile connections have been terminated during this time. In addition, 1,86,000 phones have been barred.

To combat those engaged in activities such as cybercrime and digital fraud, the government has developed an action plan. In addition to turning off the individual’s cell phone, the SIM card will be disabled. It is also possible to file a lawsuit against them.

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