Delhi-Gurugram Connectivity to Get Better, Six Lane Road on Cards! These Areas to Benefit

Delhi NCR News

Delhi NCR News: The National Capital Region Planning Board, in collaboration with the governments of Delhi and Haryana, has developed a proposal to expand the Upper Dwarka Expressway, also known as the Gurugram-Najafgarh Road. There are now six lanes on this road in the Gurugram part, while there are just two lanes in the Delhi section. The Delhi government has suggested a proposal to enlarge the 1.738-kilometer section that is under its authority to six lanes in order to fix this, at an estimated cost of around Rs. 48.74 crores. The project will need about twenty-five acres of land.

Road Widening Project Details

The current disparity in road width between the Gurugram and Delhi sections of the Gurugram-Najafgarh Road causes significant traffic congestion. While the Gurugram section boasts a 75-meter-wide road, the Delhi section shrinks to about 20 meters. This transition forces vehicles to slow down dramatically, leading to bottlenecks.

By making the Delhi section’s width equal to that of the Gurugram side—75 meters—the proposed development seeks to solve this problem. By making this modification, the road will become a smooth six-lane roadway that will improve traffic flow and lessen congestion.

Land Acquisition Uncertainty

A key aspect yet to be decided is whether the Haryana or Delhi government will handle the land acquisition process. The project requires about 25 acres of land, and the Gurugram Metropolitan Development Authority has already surveyed the area and informed the National Capital Region Planning Board of the findings.

Improved Connectivity Routes

There are currently two main routes connecting Delhi and Gurugram: the Dwarka Motorway and the Delhi-Jaipur Highway. By adding a third significant route of communication, the Gurugram-Najafgarh Road development would improve the travel alternatives between these two important locations even further.

These Areas of Benefit

For locals in various places, this initiative will bring about a pleasant transformation. Sector 99A to Sector 145 of Gurugram’s developed residential societies would gain a great deal. Furthermore, there would be a good effect on villages like Chauma, Dhanwapur, Dharampur, Khedki Majra, Dhankot, and Basai. Additional places in Delhi that would benefit from better connection are Raghopur, Bijwasan, and Najafgarh.

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