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Punjab News : Punjab and Haryana High Court Clarifies on Eligibility Norms for Government Jobs

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Punjab News: The Punjab and Haryana High Court has emphasized that relaxation of eligibility norms for a particular government job in one department in a previous year does not entitle petitioners to claim the same benefit from another department. The court clarified that it is the administrative department that holds the authority to grant such relaxations and extensions for application deadlines.

Court’s Limited Authority

The court underlined that each department has its discretion when it comes to the conditions specified in job advertisements. The court does not possess the power to amend these terms and conditions upon the request of a candidate. This applies, especially when the requirements set forth in the advertisement are not found to be arbitrary, illegal, or discriminatory in any way.

Justice Harsimran Singh Sethi of the High Court issued this clarification while dismissing a series of petitions submitted by aspirants who were unable to apply for 383 vacancies of veterinary surgeons advertised by the Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC) the previous year. Their inability to apply was due to the delayed completion of their internships.

The petitioners argued against Clause 6 of the advertisement, contending that the Covid-19 pandemic and delays in their veterinary science course and internship made them ineligible to apply for the positions. They requested an extension of the application deadline until they could provide proof of their veterinary science degree before the HPSC’s selection process concluded.

Reference to Corrigendum

The petitioners referred to a corrigendum issued by Haryana’s Department of Health during the recruitment of medical officers in 2022 as a basis for their claim. However, the High Court ruled against their plea, affirming the sanctity of the original advertisement’s terms and conditions.

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