Afghan girl’s inspiring video advocating for girls’ education goes viral amidst Taliban takeover; melts hearts online

Viral video

Viral video: A video is making waves online where a little girl from Afghanistan can be seen advocating for girl’s education. After the turmoil and uncertainty Amidst the turmoil and uncertainty took over because of Taliban, this video is captivating hearts of million. Without any fear the girl can be seen telling her father why she wants to go to school. 

Watch the viral video here

Even the UN children’s agency has asked parents to make their child rejoin the classroom, there are thousand of girls who are prohibited to enter the school. The viral video shows girl’s potential to convince her father that school is for all, regardless of gender by stating actual facts. The determination and courage she has in this little age showcases that future is in good hand. 

The caption accompanying the video described it as an inspiring moment where an Afghan father playfully tells his daughter that school is only for boys. However, the girl responds with remarkable clarity and conviction, asserting that education is a universal right that should be accessible to all, including Afghan girls. Her strong arguments serve as a stirring reminder that education is of vital importance to personal growth and national development. 

The video clearly states that it  was not aimed at dissuading girls from studying. Instead, the teasing from his father was supposed to be fun; and he himself has been a dedicated advocate for girls’ education. The father playfully engaged with his daughter to provide her with an opportunity to convey an important message. In the full video, he assures his daughter of his full support for her education, promising to enroll her in school.

Netizens’ love her courage and dedication 

One user commented, “When she said that let women rebuild this country, it was the best! Bravo to the father who is raising a brave, intelligent and fierce girl. He is saying all this to bring out her brave side. Breaks my heart to see so many dreams are being shattered in the eyes of young girls who want to be more than just sit at home and denied the basic right to education.” Another user commented, “The fact that a child has more common sense than a bunch of grownups together.” One of them commented, “Oh little one! Imagine the things she must have witnessed to say the things she’s saying. To even understand that things are not right and need to change. My heart is so full.”

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