Animal Viral Video: Herd of puppies shower love on the cat in the most adorable way possible; Watch how the feline reacts

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video

Animal Viral Video: Many videos go viral on social media, which warms your heart since they feature very attractive characters. These videos depict something out of the ordinary that amazes everyone and occasionally makes people laugh out loud. Animal videos are incredibly popular on the internet because they highlight the cute and unseen side of animals. We know that dogs and cats are extremely deadly since they are enemies. However, one such video, which depicted the adorable interaction between the puppies and the cat, has gone viral online. The video depicted the lovely way puppies showered love on the cat.

Watch Animal Viral Video

Many animal videos make rounds on the internet because they showcase something unusual and wonderful about the animals that enthral the viewers. The recent viral video showed the lovely relationship between the puppies and the cat which is very rare. A very loving relationship can be seen in the video going viral on the internet, which will make you go crazy after seeing it.

In the video, the puppies come out of a cage and climb on a cat standing outside to show them love. The cat gets buried under them and tries to get out of there. However, after some time the cat’s mouth comes out but it still fails to free itself. At last, the cat comes out and jumps and runs away, after which the puppies start playing with each other.

Netizens reacted to the video

The video has taken the internet by storm and netizens were quick to react to the video in the comment section of the video. One user wrote, “Speaking of majority…haha.” The comment section was flooded with laughing emojis because netizens loved the hilarious way of puppies show love to the cat.

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