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Viral Video: Horrifying Incident Caught on Camera! Driver Suffers Heart Attack, Bolero Crashes into Rajasthan Procession

Tragic Vishwakarma Jayanti Accident: Bolero Car Crash in Rajasthan Amid Procession Chaos

Viral Video

Viral Video: During the vibrant celebrations of Vishwakarma Jayanti in Degana, Rajasthan, a tragic accident shook the festivities as an uncontrollable Bolero car crashed into the procession, resulting in the loss of two lives and leaving several injured. The chaotic scene unfolded amidst a large crowd, including women and children, causing panic and disruption.

Viral Video Unveils Heart-Wrenching Events

watch the viral video here:

A viral video capturing the incident shed light on the heart-wrenching events that transpired. The footage depicted the Bolero initially trailing behind the procession at a slow pace before suddenly accelerating into the crowd, causing casualties and injuries. Investigations revealed that the driver of the Bolero suffered a heart attack, leading to the loss of control over the vehicle.

Surge in Hospital Admissions

Following the accident, Degana Hospital experienced a surge in patient admissions as injured individuals were rushed for medical care. While some were treated locally in Degana, others requiring critical attention were referred to Ajmer for further treatment.

Questions Surrounding the Accident

As inquiries into the incident continue, questions arise regarding the circumstances surrounding the accident. Concerns have been raised about the crowded market environment where the accident occurred, as vehicles are typically prohibited during such processions. Investigators are diligently working to determine whether the Bolero was part of the procession or if it intruded unexpectedly, shedding light on this aspect of the investigation.

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