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Israel’s Warning! ‘We Will Finish This War,’ Says Netanyahu Amidst Escalating Conflict with Palestine

Netanyahu, the prime minister, has warned against raising tensions in the Israel-Hamas confrontation.

Israel Palestine Conflict

Israel Palestine Conflict: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu issued a severe warning to Hamas on Tuesday, saying that “though Israel did not start this war,” it “will finish it.” Israel has gathered 3,000 troops as part of its response to Hamas. According to the Times of Israel, this is the biggest mobilisation since Israel called up 400,000 reserve personnel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War.

Israel’s Unwanted War and the Grim Toll of the Unexpected Hamas Strike

Netanyahu said in an address to the nation that, “Israel is at war. We didn’t want this war. It was forced upon us in the most brutal and savage way. But though Israel didn’t start this war, Israel will finish it.” Up to 2,300 Israelis may have been hurt, and more than 700 have already lost their lives as a result of the unexpected Hamas strike on Saturday morning. Hamas will pay a price for their actions, and people will remember them for a very long time, Prime Minister Netanyahu scolded.

Netanyahu Warns of Historic Consequences

Netanyahu said, “Hamas will understand that by attacking us, they have made a mistake of historic proportions. We will exact a price that will be remembered by them and Israel’s other enemies for decades to come.”

Unveiling the Atrocities Committed Against Innocent Israelis

He also brought attention to the situation of hostages, saying “The savage attacks that Hamas perpetrated against innocent Israelis are mindboggling: slaughtering families in their homes, massacring hundreds of young people at an outdoor festival, and kidnapping scores of women, children and elderly, even Holocaust survivors. Hamas terrorists bound, burned and executed children. They are savages.”

Netanyahu Draws Parallel Between Hamas and ISIS, Calls for Global Support to Defeat Them

He compared Hamas to ISIS and urged the “forces of civilisation” to band together to destroy Hamas. Netanyahu said, “Hamas is ISIS. And just as the forces of civilization united to defeat ISIS, the forces of civilization must support Israel in defeating Hamas.” He continued by expressing gratitude to other world leaders, including US President Joe Biden, for their help. “I am in continuous contact with President Biden, and I would like to thank him again, on behalf of all the citizens of Israel, for the commitment of the US in words and deeds for the security of Israel,” the Israeli Prime Minister said. “Also, I want to thank many world leaders for your unprecedented support for Israel,” he added.

Netanyahu’s Bold Claim

Netanyahu said towards the conclusion of his speech that, “In fighting Hamas, Israel is not only fighting for its own people. It is fighting for every country that stands against barbarism. Israel will win this war, and when Israel wins, the entire civilized world will win.” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised on Monday that Israel’s military will attack Hamas with “a force like never before.” If Israel strikes residents of Gaza, according to Hamas, civilian hostages will be slaughtered without notice and the deaths would be broadcast. According to CNN, the organisation says it is holding more than 100 hostages, including Israeli army leaders.

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