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Sadhguru Tips: The Power of Mind; Watch how humans can ‘kill it’ with the brain

Sadhguru Tips

Sadhguru Tips: Sadhguru, the spiritual leader and founder of the Isha Foundation, shared an intriguing anecdote that harkens back to a city of opulence and kingship from 500 years ago. According to Sadhguru, his forefathers reigned as kings in a city called Hampi, which was touted as the wealthiest city globally during that time.

The Ailing King and Tenali Ramakrishna’s Intervention

Sadhguru recounted the story of Krishnadevaraya, the king of the aforementioned city, who fell gravely ill despite extensive medical examinations. As physicians struggled to identify the ailment, the king’s life teetered on the brink of death. In a desperate bid for help, Krishnadevaraya summoned his confidant and advisor, Tenali Ramakrishna.

Tenali Ramakrishna, not being a physician, was at a loss when called upon to save the king’s life. Walking through the marketplace in contemplation, Tenali encountered a man engulfed in sorrow and anxiety. The man, who dealt in sandalwood, had amassed a substantial debt to purchase a significant stock of the fragrant wood. His only hope of repaying the debt was through selling the sandalwood, contingent upon the king’s demise. Sandalwood was exclusively used for royal cremations, rendering it unaffordable for commoners.

Witnessing the man’s despair, Tenali Ramakrishna grasped the gravity of the situation. To save the man from ruin, Tenali made a surprising move: he used his own funds to purchase all the sandalwood. This unexpected action led to the man’s relief and the king’s recovery.

The Power of Intense Emotions

Sadhguru emphasized that this tale underscores the profound impact of intense emotions on the human mind. He noted that in moments of anger, fear, or distress, the mind becomes singularly focused, akin to a one-pointed arrow. This level of concentration is remarkably potent and can yield unexpected outcomes.

Drawing from the story, Sadhguru highlighted the significance of transcending the intellect. He explained that Gautam Buddha’s essence was not merely his name but the state he attained—a state above the intellect. He compared individuals dwelling in their intellect to suffering beings and those beneath it as “buddhus,” a term suggesting naïveté.

Sadhguru urged individuals to make a conscious effort to evolve beyond the intellect. He cautioned against relying on natural evolution, which might take eons. By taking charge of their minds and psychological processes, individuals can elevate themselves to a state of bliss and clarity.

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