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Vastu Tips: Want to Place a Mirror in Your Home? Keep THESE Things in Mind to Attract Positivity

Explore the ancient wisdom of Vastu Shastra and learn how to strategically place mirrors to attract positive energy and enhance positive energy in your living areas.

Vastu Tips
Vastu Tips

Vastu Tips: Vastu Shastra suggests many such items that bring wealth, happiness, and prosperity after being positioned in the proper orientation for the home. Vastu Dosh in the house can also be fixed by following some rules. Mirror is one such item that has been mentioned in Vastu for a better life. As per Vastu Shastra, a mirror is an item that can bring both positive and negative energy into a home. However, if it is not positioned correctly, a lot of issues could occur in life. Arranging a mirror correctly brings positivity into the home. Take a look at Vastu Rules to attract positivity to your house.

Things to Keep in Mind

First of all, never install two mirrors facing each other when hanging mirrors around the house. According to Vastu, it is not at all auspicious and results in defects.

Mirror placement in the bedroom is not recommended by Vastu Shastra. Replace your bed right away if it can be seen in the mirror at the same moment. Alternatively, while you sleep, cover the mirror with a cloth.

Vastu Shastra states that a mirror, even if installed accidentally, should never be placed in the kitchen of a house. As a result, the majority of the family members’ health declines.

It is never appropriate to install broken glass inside a home. For in the wisdom of Vastu, one’s life is destined to be filled with hardships if one wakes up in the morning to find a broken mirror.

Which side of the house is the best place for the mirror?

Installing a mirror on the main gate facing the east of the home or workplace is regarded as fortunate. You can install a round mirror to make sure the sun’s rays bless your home as it rises. Meanwhile, facing a mirror northeast eliminates all manner of issues from life.

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