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Viral Video: Man Leaves Girlfriend And Runs After Robbers Snatch Purse From Her; Snatcher Returns The Purse, Find Out Why

Watch this viral video in which a couple gets attacked by robbers but the video takes a twist by the end.

Viral Video: In a video that has surfaced on the internet shows that no one is a true friend through a fake theft. This shows a disloyal friend who leaves his partner in a time of danger to save his own life, giving a lesson of trust. As one of the many videos that has gone viral on the internet, this one.

A lesson on fake friends

In a video shared by @dreamless.nightt, a couple can be seen getting accosted by two thieves on a bike. These thieves try to steal the woman’s purse. However, it comes as a shock to the viewers when the boyfriend runs away, leaving the girl in danger. But the tale takes another twist when the robber returns the purse to her, as he sees her man take off. The girl is left in utter disbelief. Not only this, the thief gives a gift to the girl as he feels sorry for her.

Netizens React

Just like the woman in the video, the netizens are also left in shock. One commented on the video that, “East and West Single is the best”, while another said said, “Kya fayda ese partner ka”.

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