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5 Things you should never do on WhatsApp to keep yourself Safe and away from jail, Do Read

You should refrain from doing some of the following if you frequently use WhatsApp and don't want to get banned from the app.

5 Things you should never do on WhatsApp to keep yourself Safe and away from jail, Do Read

WhatsApp: Being one of the most popular messaging apps in India, WhatsApp comes with a number of benefits and drawbacks. WhatsApp can accomplish a lot, from group calls and chats to sending status updates. However, the issue with WhatsApp is that there is no notion of requesting friends or waiting for approval before sending a message. These are the top 5 blunders you should immediately stop doing on WhatsApp.

5 Things you should never do on WhatsApp

​Stop allowing everyone to add you to WhatsApp Groups

Restricting who can add you to group messages is an option. The privacy options are as follows: My Contacts (only individuals on your contact list can add you to groups), Everyone (anyone on WhatsApp can add you to groups), and My Contacts Except (this option actually lets you pick who can add you to a group). It’s often a good idea to refuse requests to join group chats from strangers because you may be added to groups that indulge in mysterious activities.

Always avoid sharing porn clips. This may land you in jail

Sharing pornographic material is strictly prohibited on WhatsApp. Although sharing a few pornographic videos or pictures may seem innocuous, there are actually quite a few risks involved. If someone complains about your account on WhatsApp, as per its terms of service, WhatsApp has the right to ban you from the app and report you to the authorities.

​Avoid sharing unverified news or rumours on sensitive topics on WhatsApp

The authorities can search your WhatsApp conversations to see if you were involved in spreading false information to encourage violence. Therefore, avoid spreading rumours or untrue information on delicate subjects unless you want to go into difficulties.

Don’t spread hate messages on caste, race, religion, etc

WhatsApp prohibits the spread of hate speech on its network, much like it does with fake news. Refrain from disseminating such messages.

Do not create an account with a fake name

It is not a good idea to use someone else’s name to operate a WhatsApp account. Impersonation is what this is, and it is illegal.

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